Nirvana Labs Now Supports Arbitrum One

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Danny Soifer

Jordan Park

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The Fastest, Most Reliable, & Cost-Effective RPC Node Solution For Arbitrum One


Nirvana Labs has officially launched support for Arbitrum One! Developers now have access to the lowest latency and most reliable RPC nodes available from any RPC node provider. Nirvana Labs accomplishes this by utilizing Nirvana Cloud, a blockchain-optimized cloud that is built with proprietary and open-source technology.


Why Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One has been making significant strides as the leading Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. Arbitrum One accomplishes this with their new Nitro next-generation rollup architecture that boasts 7x more throughput than Ethereum with lower fees, and without sacrificing any security.


As of 05/30/2023, Arbitrum currently leads all L2s with total value locked (TVL) with over 5.89B, which is more than 3x than the next closest L2 according to L2Beat. They have also done 27.12 million transactions over the past 30 days which is only ~5 million short of Ethereum and more than double the next closest L2. Nodes are required to conduct these transactions in addition to reading or indexing any data from Arbitrum One. Nirvana Labs will be bringing the highest performance nodes to developers and enterprises looking to develop and build on Arbitrum One.


An image showing the Total Value Locked (TVL) for Arbitrum One according to as of the 5/30/2023


Nirvana Labs Vs Running Your Own Node

Unfortunately, managing your own Arbitrum node can be resource-intensive, time consuming, and also expensive. You also need a certain level of technical knowledge to even get started. Maintaining your node requires constant debugging and monitoring to ensure your node does not fall out of sync and is always updated.


Nirvana Labs removes the complications of running your own Arbitrum One node. We take care of all deployments, infrastructure, maintenance, updates, and everything else that goes into running a node. We want to give projects and developers all the benefits of building and operating on Arbitrum One, without all the headaches of running nodes themselves.


Deploy your first Arbitrum One node here in minutes!


Nirvana Labs vs. Other Providers?

Nirvana Labs achieves the highest reliability and lowest latency compared to other RPC node providers due to Nirvana Cloud. Rather than relying on AWS, GCP, and Azure like most other node providers, Nirvana Labs built a blockchain optimized cloud in 35+ data center locations with proprietary and open-source technology. 


The results are simple:

  1. The lowest latency transactions
  2. The best reliability with +99.99%
  3. Geo-load balanced requests
  4. Custom-fit infrastructure for your application
  5. Advanced analytics into your usage


Don’t trust us, sign up for a free plan (no credit card required) here and test things yourself!

Nirvana Labs Dasboard showing the performance of an Arbitrum One RPC node


Nirvana Labs Arbitrum Nodes: How to Start?:

Nirvana Labs makes deploying an Arbitrum node extremely easy! Just sign up for a Nirvana Labs account here if you do not have an account. Once you verify your account, you’ll be able to deploy a mainnet Arbitrum One node in seconds.


If you need a dedicated Arbitrum One node you can reach out to our team to deploy one!




Nirvana Labs’ global infrastructure boasts +99.99% uptime, industry-low latency for our Arbitrum nodes and offers significant cost savings compared to existing RPC node providers or non-blockchain optimized clouds like AWS, GCP, or Azure.


Nirvana Labs places security at its core, conducting rigorous security audits on our platform and infrastructure regularly to ensure robustness. Furthermore, our dedicated support teams strive to create an enjoyable customer journey from beginning to end.


As a team of blockchain specialists, we specialize in managing infrastructure for some of the most demanding blockchain applications and are always available to offer expert advice when needed.


For more information visit us here, or chat with one of our experts on how we can help you with your Arbitrum journey here!



Danny Soifer & Jordan Park