Step-by-Step Guide: How to deploy a free node with Nirvana Labs

Jordan Park

Danny Soifer

3 min read

To begin deploying your first free RPC node using Nirvana Lab's platform, follow these steps:



Step 1: Access Nirvana Lab's Website


Go to and click on any of the "Sign up" or "Get Started" buttons. This will redirect you to the sign-up page.


Screenshot of Nirvana Labs Homepage, showcasing the company logo, top navigation menu, main banner with text about deploying an RPC Node, and the call to action button.


Step 2: Provide Registration Details


On the sign-up page, enter a username, email address, password, and your name.


 Screenshot of the login page on Nirvana Labs Platform, with fields to enter a username and password, alongside the 'sign in' button and 'forgot password' link.


Step 3: Access the Dashboard


After completing the registration process, click on "Dashboard" to access your account dashboard.


Screenshot of the 'Add First and Last Name' page on Nirvana Labs Platform, showing two input fields for entering a user's first and last name, with a 'Next' button below.


Step 4: Select a Plan


Within the dashboard, choose a suitable plan for your needs. Explore the available options and select the one that aligns with your requirements.


Screenshot of the Pricing Plans and Billing Page on Nirvana Labs Platform, displaying various plan options with their respective costs, benefits, and a button to select and proceed.


Step 5: Create a Node


Navigate to the "Nodes" section within your dashboard. Click on "Create Node" to initiate the process of setting up your RPC node.


Deploy a RPC Node - Click Create A Node.png


Step 6: Choose Blockchain Protocol and Name the Node


In the "Create Node" section, select the desired blockchain protocol (mainnet or testnet) from the available options. Give your node a unique and identifiable name.


Deploy a RPC Node - Select Blockchain Network.png

Screenshot of the 'Nodes section: Name your Node' page, showing an input field for naming the node, with a 'Next' button to proceed.


That's it! You have successfully completed the steps to deploy your first free RPC node using Nirvana Lab's platform. If you completed the steps correctly, you should see the following screen.

Screenshot of the 'Nodes Page: View Node', displaying details of a chosen node, its name, network, status, and options to manage the node.