Nirvana Nodes

Reach Millions of Users around the Globe





Crunching the Numbers

Data Centers




Avg. Latency

28 ms

Green Energy

100% Renewable Energy by 2024 Goal

Deploy faster

No headaches. Just Bandwidth.

Keep your dApp running with the best infrastructure.

Unlimited Scalability

As much decentralized compute as you can fathom at your fingertips. No waiting periods to scale. No limits. No compromises.

Encrypted and Protected

Hands free security. We handle protecting you from DDOS and OWASP attacks and encrypt everything from layer 1-7.

High Availability

Ensure your nodes are always accessible. Reserved capacity to guarantee high bandwidth at all times.

Lightning Speed

More nodes in more cities than any other provider. Our customers have an edge with our globally consistent low latencies.

Enhanced APIs

Fetch and send complex data from multiple blockchains with no limits. Websockets, HTTP and GraphQL.

Data Synchronization

Live cross regional data backups and high availability instances with multiple failovers so your data never gets lost.

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